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Whether you are new to camping or an experienced desert rat, my hope is for readers to use this online base camp as a place to laugh, relate and learn from our camping experiences and love affair for 4×4 back roads and adventure. Details of our remote camping spots and recommended gear are here to make your next off-road trip one of delightful discovery.

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  • We share our off-road favorite haunts in the Blog section where you can enter key words in our search bar such as “Big Sur” or “mines” or simply peruse by scrolling through the posts.
  • I am developing a list of camping resources on the Gear page where you will find maps, guide books and camping gear we recommend.
  • We welcome you to use our Comments section at the end of each post or Contact Us page to share what interests you as a camper.

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Magazine article

We are honored to have our submission published for The Bucket List for Visiting Death Valley in the Truck Camper Magazine!!

Find the best places to visit in Death Valley with “THE Bucket List” with details and photos.
Handy things to know for 4×4 camping in Death Valley

Handy things to know for 4×4 camping in Death Valley

The difference between an adventure or an ordeal is attitude.” – Bob Bitchin Here is my short list of important tips to help make your trip more of a fun adventure than an unpleasant ordeal. Carry TWO spare tires. Expect
Star light, star bright

Star light, star bright

A major perk of camping in the back country is the vivid display of the night sky. Void of city light pollution you can see the Milky Way and an array of stars and planets. Star gazers can get to