Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

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We are honored to have our submission published for “The Bucket List for Visiting Death Valley” in the Truck Camper Magazine!!

Find the best places to visit in Death Valley with “THE Bucket List” with details and photos.

Star light, star bright
A major perk of camping in the back country is the vivid display of the night sky. Void of city
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Jail Canyon – 4×4 to miner’s cabin and gold mine in Death Valley
Jail Canyon is a worthy day trip as well as a place to camp. An old miner’s cabin lies at
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Alaskan camper on 4x4 Ford utility truck
A camper’s tale of there and back again
After 40 years of tent and tailgate camping we decided adding more creature comforts would make the time spent in
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Camping under the Super Moon
When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship
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Win a Ghost Towns DVD!
The winner for our “Ghost Towns of Death Valley” DVD is, drum roll please……. Tammy Gillett, pictured here with her
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Rattlesnake savvy
It is inevitable while traveling in the California desert, Sierras and Pacific coast range, that you will come across a
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desert cabin with wood stove
Explore the Minnietta cabin’s mining history
Death Valley contains many canyons where old mine shafts, cabins, millsites and various ghosts of past mining operations lay silent
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Prickly Poppy flower
Squatting hazards in the back country
Answering the call of nature is an integral part of wilderness camping and requires some heightened awareness of your surroundings.
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Top 10 beauty tips for the dry outdoors
While camping in the arid regions your skin and hair need extra care so you don’t feel like a dried
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Barker Ranch house
Shadows of the past at the Manson hideout
A favorite “short cut” into Death Valley from the west side of the Panamint Range is to go across Goler
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Rough road sign at end of Hwy 1
Camping after the Mud Creek Slide in Big Sur
This summer 11 miles of Highway 1 was cut off to the rest of the world and only accessible via
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Dining in the desert with good food
Death Valley sample itinerary and menu
Part of the fun of planning your trip is getting out a good map and choosing where you want to
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A desperate adventure in the Kern River
Although this is not a camping story, it is an outdoor experience we shall never forget and perhaps a lesson
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Handy things to know for 4×4 camping in Death Valley
The difference between an adventure or an ordeal is attitude.” – Bob Bitchin Here is my short list of important
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sleeping camper
How do you define camping?
Camping – a word that evokes different things for different people. I was not raised a camper, but married an
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