After years of exploring the back roads of Death Valley and the eastern Sierras, I affectionately called my hubby a desert rat. To this he started calling me his desert fox, and thus I have coined this blog.

The rocky ruins of Lookout City in Death Valley

We love the desert in the Death Valley area and eastern side of the Sierras. The desert is not where the majority of folks desire to camp – so perhaps you are in the minority with us and understand the call of the desert with its varied geology, dark starry nights, blessed quiet and surprising oases (yep, the plural for oasis).

Back roads along the rugged California coast line are also a favorite haunt as they are closer to home and afford us breathtaking views of the ocean where the summer temperatures are usually much cooler.

Exploring dirt roads (often times more like trails) is our kind of back country off road adventure. The back roads provide escape from daily life to renew the soul with God’s creation. The wilderness gives me perspective to “be still” and a thrill in my heart for the awe of its beauty. I will be sharing some of those adventures along with lessons learned with you in this blog in hopes that you will be encouraged to discover your own.