Your love for the great outdoors and adventure is hopefully what brought you to this online niche. Exploring the back country in our 4 wheel drive truck is our favorite mode of reaching remote areas to boon-dock. We don’t find camping in a designated campground parked next to a huge RV with its generator running as our style of escape. Our knowledge of off-road camping spots and our tips and stories of discovery are here to make your personal camping experience richer and more fun.

From the desert to the Pacific coast:
We love the desert, which is not where the majority of folks desire to camp – so perhaps you are in the minority with us and understand the call of the desert with its varied geology, dark starry nights, blessed quiet and surprising oases (yep, the plural for oasis).

There is something infectious about the magic of the desert. Some are immune to it, but there are others who have no resistance to the subtle virus and who must spend the rest of their lives dreaming of the incredible sweep of the dunes, of golden mesas with purple shadows and tremendous stars appearing at dusk from a turquoise sky. Once infected, there is nothing one can do but strive to return again and again.” – H. Wormington

Back roads along the rugged California coast line are also near and dear as they are closer to home and afford us breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean where the summer temperatures are usually much cooler. We share these Favorite haunts with you as well as experienced tips for how to deeper enjoy your camp out.

The rocky ruins of Lookout City in Death Valley

My personal journey as a camper:

I was not raised a camper, though I grew up loving the outdoors, riding horses or building my own tree house. My introduction to camping began when a handsome young man invited me to a college group’s rock climbing trip in Joshua Tree National Park. After asking me to marry him, our 1st vacations were backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains, usually along the John Muir Trail. As our family grew with three children we tent camped and hiked with them, later introducing them to backpacking as they got older.

After our kids were grown we discovered sleeping on an air mattress inside a camper shell on the back of our truck as more comfortable and did this for nearly 20 years. Most recently, we have purchased a truck mounted camper and are loving the luxury it affords as we plan to travel across country.

After many years of camping and exploring the back roads of mountains and deserts, I affectionately called my hubby a desert rat. To this he started calling me his desert fox, and thus I have coined this blog.

My journey as a camper has been an evolution and it is our desire to continue camping as long as we are physically able. My heart is to share this love of camping with baby boomers as well as the newest generation of campers who utilize the latest technology.

Lake Sabrina in the Sierra Nevada mountains

For the love of creation:

As always in life, I have faced many challenges, some of them directly due to our love of the outdoors. The miracle of my rescue from drowning in the Kern River, directly influenced my desire to write and thus the birth of this blog.

I ride shotgun as my husband loves to drive and explore rough, dirt roads (often times more like trails) in our four-wheel drive truck. The back roads provide escape from daily life to renew the soul with God’s creation.

The wilderness gives me perspective to “be still” and a thrill in my heart for the awe of its beauty. I will be sharing many of those adventures along with lessons learned with you, in hopes that you will be encouraged to discover your own.