How do you define camping?

Camping – a word that evokes different things for different people.

I was not raised a camper, but married an avid camper who shared his love of exploring the back country with me. I first got to know Pres on a rock climbing trip while camping with friends in Joshua Tree National Park. We started as newly-weds with framed packs on our backs and Pivettas on our feet. Our camping equipment grew into a large tent and cookstove for a family of five.

I did not want to think about people. I wanted the trees, the scents and colors, the shifting shadows of the wood, which spoke a language I understood. I wished I could simply disappear in it, live like a bird or a fox through the winter, and leave the things I had glimpsed to resolve themselves without me.” -Patricia A. McKillip, Winter Rose

After over 40 years of camping we now are empty nesters with some physical challenges, thus making the welcome change of “glamping” in our Alaskan camper mounted on a 4×4 utility truck.

Staying in a “civilized” campground has never been our idea of camping, though we have occasionally succumbed to that. Nor is our idea of finding supplies going to “Camp World” – what a

Alaskan telescoping camper
Our Alaskan camper is an upgrade to more creature comforts

surprise that was to our naivety when we walked in the front doors expecting to find backpack equipment! You call traveling in an RV camping?! Alas, now that we own an *Alaskan telescoping camper, such a type store does carry fun camper accessories to make glamping even more luxurious.

Most of our years of camping has been “tailgate” style camping, sleeping in the bed of our 4×4 pickup truck after a full day of driving desert back roads to discover abandoned mines, ghost towns, or isolated cabins. Meals were served on the tailgate where our cook stove, lantern and water jug sat. Evenings were spent under the stars with a small campfire glowing enjoying a good cigar and whiskey to warm the soul. No sound except for the gentle breeze and small critters stirring close by.

Now THAT is how I define camping. 😉

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  • Janice
    September 3, 2017 at 11:50 pm

    I would love to hear your definition of camping.

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